Steam Express

Steam Express:
The steam express is a heritage train journey package of 01 Night/02 Days which is hauled by Vintage Steam locomotive WP 7161 “Akbar” which is easily recognized by the cone shaped bulging nose with a silver star painted on it. This train has a 60 seater, air –conditioned chair car specially designed with a large glass window so that you can have a view of the countryside. There is a pantry car for on-board catering and service of food to the guests travelling on the train. As an added attraction, the coach has a beautiful lounge from where you can have a scenic view of the countryside.

The train operates on the Delhi-Rewari-Alwar-Rewari –Delhi route. The guests get to enjoy cultural programme followed by dinner at a hotel in Alwar followed by a Tiger Safari the next day morning. The guests have an option of choosing the full package or a part journey to Rewari or Alwar and back.

Hope you will cherish the unforgettable memories of the Steam Express.

Price Per Pax (Adult)
Full Package
₹ 12,375/-₹ 6,325/-
One-way train journey between Delhi & Alwar + sightseeing/stay at Sariska
₹ 8,965/-₹ 4,620/-
One-way train journey between Delhi & Alwar only
₹ 3,795/-₹ 2,035/-
Two-way train journey between Delhi & Alwar & back
₹ 7,315/-₹ 3,795/-
One-Way train journey between Delhi & Rewari
₹ 2,245/-₹ 1,260/-
One-Way train journey between Rewari & Alwar
₹ 2,275/-₹ 1,275/-
*(Half fare for children above 5 years but below 12 years of age).
Service Tax:The above charges are exclusive of service tax. Service tax, if applicable, will be levied by Aswal Airways.


Your Ticket Includes:

  • All meals-Breakfast, \lunch and dinner with tea/coffee provided on board or in hotels. All meals in the hotel are on buffet arrangement.
  • Breakfast will be served after return from jungle safari at hotel Tiger Den/similar one. To prevent inconvenience to other group members all guests are requested to adhere to the specified timings.

Booking Rules:

  • Full package cost has to be paid at the time of booking.
  • Foreign Tourists will be charged as per the prevalent exchange rate of INR vis-a vis $.
  • Note: “In case of failure of Steam Loco at the moment or enroute,the journey will be completed using Diesel Loco”.